KiCA Jet Fan 2

Absolutely Mind Blowing!


Strong Airflow Generates Great Power. Small and portable body, dual-power airflow, stepless speed control, and exquisite craftsmanship.

Your mini turbofan, is always at hand. Smaller than a phone, it has an air outlet 3cm in diameter and weighs just 300g, bring it anywhere, anytime.

Use it for cooling down, outdoor hair drying, cushion inflation/ inflatable boat/ inflatable seat cushion, air mattress, campfire lighting, BBQ heating, pet drying, keyboard/ lens cleaning and the list goes on!

Available in Black Green Red Blue



Lightweight and Mini Size
Smaller than the iPhone 11, weighing ONLY 300g/0.66lb. Although small in size, the wind is powerful.

Matte Metal Crafted Body
Unique and classic look, minimalist double-cylinder design. The exquisite metal and T-shaped design feel great in hand.

Stepless Speed Adjustment
Easily switch the wind speed via the slider to reach your desired wind speed instantly, from 4.9m/s to 20m/s.
Stronger wind speed, reach up to 101000 RPM

Upgraded Two Functional Nozzles
One pointed nozzle and one round nozzle, suitable for different scenarios. Small nozzle blasts wind as powerful as compressed air.


Button Introduction

Power button: Long press to power on/off, single tap to enter standby mode, and tap again to restart.
Speed control button: Slide the speed control button to adjust the wind speed.


Product size (including packaging)


  • Gross weight/kg: 0.168
  • Size/cm:9.6*10.5*6
  • include:1pcs host
  • 1pcs large diameter air outlet
  • 1pcs small diameter air outlet
  • 1pcs charger cable


Original price was: RM279.00.Current price is: RM249.00.